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Rent vs Buy calculator lite

Developer: Spendology FinioApps
2 usd

A very versatile mortgage calculator, plus an extensive simulation which compares the final net worth at the end of x years, renting vs buying. This app does all the hard work for you–easy to get clear results in-spite of the complexity. Offers a ton of detailed information, instructions, and useful results–always in a meaningful context. All of the work it does is clearly shown in up to 18 detailed reports. If you opt for the deluxe Executive SD version all reports and instructions can be written to your SD card for printing etc. If you don't think you will need that feature and prefer an app which requires no special permissions at all, get this lite version which only lacks that one feature. This simulation is a complete model of a real-world comparison of what the final net-worth of renter vs. buyer could be at the end of x years; as such, it includes everything: including your income level, living expenses and savings plans. No detail is over-looked. The app can also be quickly used to only calculate a monthly payment, with and without extras such as: PMI, property tax, and fire insurance. Accepts up to 24 input values (two of which are composites) and, in its summary reports, outputs monthly and yearly values for every category it calculates ... tons of output values, but always with tallies, summaries, and explanations; it also produces a very detailed report explaining what all the numbers actually mean to you.